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Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is an independent foundation, established in 1864, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. For more than 140 years, as a world-leading international provider of services for managing risk to various industries and businesses, with the objective of safeguarding life、property、and the environment, DNV provides professional services build on best practices in a wide range of portfolio, services incl.: Enterprise Risk Management Solution, SHE Risk Management, Certification, Assessment, Training, Corporate Responsibility, Energy Efficiency and Management, Inspection, etc. Over 68000 worldwide corporate customers chose DNV as their preferred registrar and relied their successes on DNV’s expertise throughout different industry areas: Aerospace, Automotive, Logistics & Shipping, Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Information technology, Electronics, Engineering, Petrochemical, Energy, Maritime, Health care, Food and beverage, Defence, Public sector and other types of consumer goods and services.
Today, DNV has more than 300 offices in over 100 countries. As a knowledge-based company, our prime assets are the creativity, knowledge, and expertise of our 7,000 employees from more then 85 different nations.

 DNV IT Risk Management Services

Information technology is now an integral part of business. More and more enterprise risks come from the dependency of IT systems, the increasing complicity of IT systems. Based on first line practices and professional knowledge in IT risk management arena, DNV Risk Management Solution offers wide range of services which are not only methods for managing the risk of operating complex IT systems, but has also developed specialized software systems to support design, strength assessment, risk analysis, asset life cycle management and knowledge based engineering.

DNV provides one-stop shopping Services for organizations when they facing IT Risk management challenges.

At present, DNV is the only company that can provide a full range of IT Risk Management Services for an organization:

The following drawing shows how DNV’s IT Risk Management Services could be applied in an organization (Management processes, Core processes, and support processes.)

The focus is on how IT-Services support the core processes and contribute to realize business goals and strategies

IT-risk affects operational risk, which again affect the overall business risk.

 ISO/IEC 27001  TOP

DNV provide Accredited certification services to ISO/IEC 27001, the new international Information Security Management System standard, which will help you protect your information in terms of: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Partner with DNV to ISO27001 Certification will bring you:
 Ensuring business continuity and minimizes business losses by protecting      information from wide range of threats.
 Demonstrating compliance with the standard for information security in      addition to helping companies safeguard vital information.
 Reputable means for companies to benchmark their Information Security      Management System (ISMS) through certification.
 Confidence to business partners who entrust information into the custody      of the certified organizations.
 Strengthening the competitive edge of the company by creating trust in the      firm, externally as well as internally
 ISO/IEC 20000  TOP

DNV provide Accredited certification services to ISO/IEC 20000-1, the IT Service Management System Standard.
Partner with DNV to ISO20000-1 Certification will bring you the following benefits:

 Effective managed services that meet customer & business requirements.
 Market advantage through a certificate issued by a recognised independent      certification body, such as DNV (Det Norske Veritas), accredited by the      influential IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).
 Cost reduction through transparent & optimised structures.
 Service management integrated into the overall business processes.
 Measurement & control of the managed services.
 Clear and focused documentation of the service relevant processes &      practices.
 Staff with enhanced understanding of service management responsibilities.
 Regular evaluation of the service management processes to maintain &      improve their effectiveness.
 Effective business continuity management.
 Widely recognised IT Service Management practices.
 Smooth integration with other management system standards.
 DNV's other services  TOP
 DNV provide System and Software Process Improvement      services :
     - CMMI, SPICE, Six Sigma, …
     - Agile/Lean Development
  DNV provide Software Engineering services:
     - OO Technologies (Use Cases, UML, Patterns, ...
     - Architecture Assessments
  DNV provide Education and Training services
     - Large course portfolio
     - International and local trainers
 Why partner with DNV?  TOP
 DNV's Expertise and the most comprehensive service line in the      field
     - Information security ( ISO27001)
     - IT Service management (ISO20000)
     - Process Maturity
     - Software Engineering
     - Technologies
     - Risk management
     - Off-shore market support service
 Large high quality Client Base and global impact in the field
 DNV's leading position in the field:
     * DNV is the first certification body to obtains UKAS’ ((British certification        approval organization) approval to provide ISMS certification service.
     * DNV is the only foreign organization who gets China government’s        approval to provide certification service for information security        management system in China.
     * DNV Issued the first Information security Certification in China (October        2000- Xiamen PICC - People's Insurance Company).
     * The success experiences and leading customers of DNV’s IT Risk        management services in China:
          - Hi-soft International Technology Ltd
          - Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Co.,Ltd
          - Beyondsoft(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.
          - Trans Cosmos Information Creative(China) Co., Ltd.
          - Beijing Isoftstone Co. Ltd.
          - Trans Cosmos Information Creative(China) Co., Ltd.
          - Beijing Digital China Limited
          - Wuxi Huaxia Computer Technology Co.,Ltd
          - KHI (Dalian) Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

 ISO/IEC 27001
 ISO/IEC 20000
 DNV's other services
 Why partner with DNV
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