China government procurement of cloud services pilot work is about to start
Source: View: 211 Date: 2014-07-18

In the recently held "2014 Trusted Cloud Services Conference", Wang Lida, the director of the procurement center of the central people’s government, he said that the government procurement of cloud services is an efficient way to reduce the administrative cost and improve its efficiency.

According to Wang’s introduction, in the traditional mode, the information equipment and systems in the government are purchased, constructed and maintained by themselves, and there are widespread problems of repetitive construction, low efficiency, and also form the isolated islands of information in their work.

Therefore, he pointed out that, with the procurement of cloud services, the governments will no longer build computer rooms in large scale, or buy new hardware equipment, they will pay the informational software and hardware resources, band width and service fees according to their needs, so they can fundamentally solve the problems of repeated construction of information systems, and reduce the administrative cost.

In the cooperation of the Academy of Telecommunication Research of the MIIT and relevant manufacturers, Wang Lida said, they have finished the plan making and document preparation work in the cloud services of government procurement, and is about to start the pilot work. In the next step, they will continue to improve the standard system in cloud services, and promote the development of the government procurement of cloud services.


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