China Unicom launched 4G/3G integrated sharing package
Source: View: 218 Date: 2014-07-18

After the release of free combination packages plan, recently China Unicom Beijing branch launched 4G/3G all-round packages plan and all-enjoy packages plan, all-round packages customers can largely increase their voice call time and all-enjoy packages customers can get three times of the prepaid fee returned, which makes it more substantial.

At present, all the three major operators are in the planning and construction of 4G network. According to the resources, the existing WCDMA networks of China Unicom in Beijing can transform to 4G networks smoothly by simple upgrade , it has excellently solved the compatibility with 3G network, so the 3G subscribers can easily upgrade to 4G without changing their SIM cards or the phone numbers.

One of the special features of 4G/3G all-round packages and all-enjoy packages is that it’s not ed by the network, both the subscribers of 3G and 4G can choose these packages. The existing 3G subscribers only need to change to the 4G/3G integrated packages and conduct the specified contract plan, without changing their SIM cards, phone numbers or devices, then they can enjoy the privilege in the packages. For the 4G smartphone users, they can use the 3G and 4G network without any difference, even now you are on a WCDMA mobile phone, the speed of 3G network of China Unicom in Beijing is enough for all your daily needs.

At present, the speed of 3G network of China Unicom in Beijing has been generally risen to 42Mbps, with a fully guarantee of the stable, sustained and rapid speed when switching the network between 4G and 3G.


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