China Mobile’s 4G subscribers exceeded 10 million
Source: View: 274 Date: 2014-07-22

China Mobile released its operation data of June, according to the data, 4G subscribers of China Mobile accelerated in the growth speed, new subscribers increased 5.834 million in June, and the total number reached 13.943 million, breaking the 10 million mark for the first time.

The growth of 3G subscribers continued to slow down, new 3G subscribers increased 2.229 million in June, and the total number reached 238.518 million; the new subscribers of China Mobile increased by 3.319 million, and the total number of subscribers of China Mobile reached 790.614 million.

Previously, the vice president of China Mobile Li Zhengmao said, the number of TD-LTE base stations of China Mobile has exceeded 400,000, providing 4G services in about 300 cities. The shipments of TD-LTE devices reached 18.9 million, with over 300 models. Data traffic of 4G subscribers is identical to 10 times of other subscribers of China Mobile, which accounted 10% of the total network traffic.


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