112 Companies and Projects were Imported in Qingdao Hi-tech Zone
Source:  View: 275 Date: 2014-07-23

On July 17, Hi-tech Zone of Qingdao released its investment statistics of its first half year. Focusing on the leading industries,  Qingdao High-tech Zone put emphasis on software information, robots and high-end equipment manufacturing, blue biomedicine, marine equipment industry to promote their development in a modular, platform way. And hi-tech zone embraced spectacular results in investments   January to June, with 112 enterprises and projects coming in, a Y-O-Y increase of 55%, total investments of 40.71 billion RMB, a Y-O-Y increase of 766%.  


There are 20 industry projects amounting to 40.069 billion RMB, a Y-O-Y increase of 822%, and 92 non-resources enterprises with a Y-O-Y increase of 114% whose registered capital amounted to 0.641 billion RMB, a Y-O-Y increase of 81%. The 20 industry projects are classified into the model of “1+5”leading industries, and there are 2 IT services projects with an investment amount of 2.563 billion RMB, occupying 6.4%; there are 4 software and information services projects with an investment amount of 37.055 billion RMB, occupying 92.5%, 6 bio-pharmaceutical projects with an investment amount of 0.286 billion RMB, occupying 0.7%; 7 high-end equipment manufacturing projects with an investment amount of 0.164 billion RMB, occupying 0.4%; and 1 energy-saving technology and new material projects with an investment amount of 10 million RMB.    

As for software and information services, there are 3 newly signed high-tech parks like Smart Valley of ENJOYOR Company  ed, Digital China Smart City Park, Max Qingdao Hi-tech Park, with an investment amount of 3.45 billion RMB.   

As for blue bio-pharmaceutical industry, Qingdao Hualing Bio-industrial Fund  ed Partnership Agreement was signed, and Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma bio-pharmaceutical fund was imported with a total value of 0.11 billion RM. And many projects were imported such as the industrialization of membrane of acupuncture needles, individual immune cell therapy, innovative medicine for ischemic stroke and so on.

As for high-end equipment manufacturing industry, officers visited Jianlong Group, Sinogiant Group, and mainly discuss the introduction of robotics reducer projects, welding robots, rehabilitation robotics and other projects.   

As for marine equipment manufacture industry, officers visited key industrial private companies such as SANY Group, Sichuan Honghua International Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd. Works were also done to accelerate the sign of deep-sea engineering equipment and industrial base, marine environmental protection metal corrosion coating technology industrialization projects.     



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