Foshan Sets up A Special Fund to Promote Service Outsourcing Industrial Development
Source: View: 261 Date: 2015-07-22

In order to promote service outsourcing industrial development in Foshan, Bureau of Commerce of Foshan City and Financial Bureau of Foshan City launched application work of special fund project to rapidly develop service outsourcing industrial development in 2014. The supporting scope includes two topics: one is fixed subsides of the municipal special fund for service outsourcing that used to support enterprises to achieve provincial award. To encourage service outsourcing enterprises to organize training for college students newly employed; to encourage service outsourcing enterprises to develop onshore and offshore businesses; to support service outsourcing enterprises (social organizations) to participate to business advocating and promotion activities; to help service outsourcing parks to provide department store retail, catering and relevant services for enterprises and employees via introducing chain convenience stores. The other one is competitive distribution part of municipal service outsourcing fund that used to build public service platform and municipal talent training bases. The topic one is to adopt the way of fixed subsidies; the topic two is to adopt the way of competitive distribution. The deadline of application is up to July 30th, 2015.

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