Dongguan of Guangzhou Province Actively Builds Intelligent City with Support of Constructing Data Center
Source: View: 242 Date: 2015-07-28

Cloud computing is a kind of service supply model based on network to support heterogeneous facilities and resources circulation, it provides self-governing services for customers. Cloud computing supports heterogeneously basic resources and heterogeneous multi-mission system, which can accomplish resources to be divided according to demands, to be accounted according to quantity in order to reach the goal according to requirements, and finally promotes resources in scale. It also promotes professional labor division, benefits for reducing resource cost per unit, promotes network business innovation.

Intelligent city is a complex combined by multi-application, multi-industry and complex system. There is demand of information sharing and interaction between multi-application systems. Each different application system needs results co-extracted from data to comprehensive count and show. Such many and complex systems need many powerful information processing center to handle each information.

In order to fundamentally support huge system to safely operate, it needs to consider network contracture based on cloud computing and to build cloud computing data center in intelligent city. Meanwhile to meet above needs, cloud computing data center also has some advantages beyond comparison of traditional data center and single application system construction, including flexibly dynamic scaling ability on demand (based on cloud computing basic framework platform dynamically add application system) and high ratio of investment performance (relatively traditional data center, hardware investment at least reduces more than 30%).

Currently, China is wholly building intelligent cities that provide a best development background for big data and cloud computing. Meanwhile each location is actively setting up hardware infrastructure for intelligent city, and also trying to construct data center that provides background support for intelligent city construction.

As the pilot of intelligent city construction in Guangdong province, Dongguan has certain of bases to promote “intelligent city”. According to report’s learning from the department of Dongguan Planning, Dongguan will build big data industry center project that shall provide large computational and huge amount of data storage services for new emerging industrial enterprises.

According to introduction, the government will build big data industry center project in the south of Gongguan in planning district that mainly provides large computational and huge amount of data storage services for new emerging industrial enterprises, promoting application of cloud computing in some aspects of education, medical, e-commerce, e-governmental affairs, intelligent city, financial services and enterprises information.

In the north of constructing location is Woling Old village; in the west are municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal Intermediate Court; in the south is Huangqi Plaza; in the east is Saige E-market; all of them need 4.44 hectares of the land area. Dongguan Cloud Data Center project belongs to “The 12th Five-Year” main projects.

The directors of the department of Dongguan Planning indicate “a batch of ‘intelligent city’ construction projects on livelihood and social management area are whole building; the prologue of ‘intelligent city’ has been started in Dongguan. Citizens shall experience the advantages of science & technology service life in the near future.” According to the disclosure from the department of Dongguan Planning, the project of big data industry center has been approved by Dongguan Development & Reform Bureau; and the center mainly includes cloud computing center, DRA digital audio CODEC (coder and decoder) standard industrial service platform and other facilities.

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