Summit Background

Devott Global IT & Sourcing Summit (DGITS) establishes a global and professional resource networking and thought exchange platform where international executives, sourcing buyers can meet the 800+ Chinese decision makers from cities, technology-parks and major technology corporations face-to-face in same event. Dedicated to its clients around the world, DGITS develops into the most influential and the largest event its kind in the technology and sourcing industries in China. Buyers hear different voices and providers learn different lessons in this special summit where public and private leaders, domestic and foreign executives are equal partners, and entire China is represented.

DGITS covers technology service outsourcing, e-commerce, cloud computing, big data, internet of the things, mobile internet, eCities, automation and the urgent topics appearing in the latest industry trends. DGITS focuses service innovation, strengthens corporation and communication between outsourcing service providers and buyers from both domestic and overseas, builds the direct, honest dialogues supporting Chinese industrial parks and enterprises interested in expanding in the international market and builds global brands to help enterprises around the world.

As global event focusing China IT and sourcing industries, DGITS is known as a dialogue forum attracting the attention of the governmental officials and technology-park authorities. The event has been broadcast and reported in more than 35 national media channels and the only one non-governmental summit shown in CCTV – China Central TV.

“New Frontiers, New Norms” is the theme of DGITS 2016. This is also the first time this event is held in the southern China where some of the most influential Chinese new technologies and new companies were born and have grown to global leaders in mere 25 years. No other locations can represent the new China better than this “Triangle of Zhu River” region.

5 Reasons to Attend DGITS 2016

[1] Largest event in China in its kind where majority of the cities, technology-parks and leading companies actively attend and participate

[2] The latest global trends and urgent topics of the technologies and industries are in the agenda offering domestic leaders with the direction of their strategies and budgets, international leaders with the business leads and various engagement possibilities.

[3] Focus China, but other emerging markets in Latin America & Caribbean, East Europe, Asia are also emphasized. Focus buyers, but the cooperation between providers is also the main objective.

[4] Agenda and programs are planned to allow the attendees to have objective, personal and reliable understanding of the other side – country, market, technology or negotiation.

[5] A trip of business discussions, southern fun and onsite visits. Assistance to arrange meetings in other cities and other technology-parks.

DGITS 2016

Global outsourcing industries are experiencing profound transformation, faster than ever and broader than ever.

New technologies such as cloud computing, big data, internet of the things, artificial intelligence, mobile internet and artificial intelligence bring not only interruptions, integrations even revolutions, but also new frontiers and new norms that technology and business’ leaders have to reveal early, prepare early and integrate into the today’s operations fast. Outsourcing is no longer a conventional cost-controlling tactics for developed countries, but develop into a sustainable strategy every corporate and country need to adopt to effectively compete in global market place and maintain its own competitive edges.

Global economy remains fragile, uneven and worldwide financial conditions remain unpredictable. Already tense competitions between countries and regions get harsher and the consequences to fall behind or make mistakes in current dynamic technology ecosystem get more deadly than before. US and EU remain the deciding elements of the changes in international outsourcing industries, but the new buyers from China, India, Russia, etc., new providers from Southeast Asia, Latin America, even Middle East diffuse old maps of outsourcing market. How the new continent of outsourcing migrates is the focal point of new strategies and new executions.

Business models are broken, supply chains are revised, industry patterns are altered, relationship of buyers vs providers are migrated into a different platform where new norms are to be established. Winners of the future must be vigilant and flexible today.

How big enterprises keep and small firms seize outrun opportunities in the disruption age of technology revolutions?

How to stand out from the competition in global scale cross-border integration?

How outsourcing buyers change their selection system and evaluation methodology?

Where are the new opportunities of emerging markets for providers?

What are the new frontiers of outsourcing integrations, automation and balances? What are the new strategies of the well globalized industry in the mobile internet era?

Managed by Devott,, Cool-Cube and Creative +, Devott Global IT and Sourcing Summit –DGITS 2016, will be held in Foshan, near Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, on March 21st and 22nd, 2016. With direct guidance of industry experts and international event leaders, this largest China based global summit focuses the “New Frontiers, New Norms” of global outsourcing marketplaces and new growth patterns. Leaders of internationally influencing organizations, key players (countries), executives from MNCs will be directly debate the trends and emerging rules of outsourcing businesses. They will have personal dialogues with the Chinese cities, technology-parks and major technology companies. This is one of the few events where government officials, tech-park authorities and enterprise executives are equally represented and professional points are emphatically emphasized. Extensive attendance of the executives from technology innovation funds, starts-up investments, M&A financial management is another special feature of DGITS 2016.

We invite you to attend DGITS 2016 to witness the new milestones of global IT and outsourcing industry, and discover new opportunities in China!


Topic:The 4th Devott Global IT & Sourcing Leadership Summit (2015)

Summit Agenda

March 21st Opening Day of Devott Global IT & Sourcing Summit (DGITS) 2016

9:00-12:00   Opening Ceremony   Opening speech by representatives from the organizer and the local government.
    Keynote Speech 1   New Challenges and Opportunities for Service Outsourcing Markets of  Emerging Countries in New Global Economy.
    Executive Panel 1   New Developing Trend and Pattern of Global Service Outsourcing.
    Executive Panel 2  

South-South Cooperation in International Service Outsourcing and China’s Role in It.

    Keynote Speech 2   Innovation-Driven IT and Service Outsourcing Industry.
    Executive Panel 3   Extraordinary Innovations in the Global Service Outsourcing Market.
13:30-18:00   Keynote Speech 3   How do International Sourcing Buyers Choose Their Service Providers
    Executive Panel 4   How to Win Global Buyers – New International Marketing & Sales Strategies
    Executive Panel 5   The function of Training and Certification under the International Service Outsourcing Criteria
    Keynote Speech 4  

What Are the Meanings of Technologies Such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. for Service Outsourcing? – Opportunities or Challenges?

    Executive Panel 6   New Risks Brought by Changes in Service Outsourcing and Relative Possible Solutions
    Executive Panel 7   Impact of Big Data on Global Service Outsourcing and Relative Coping Strategies / Outsourcing Security Under the Era of Big Data
18:00-20:30   Special Research Achievements of Devott - Award Ceremony of Devott Rankings   Top Global Outsourcing Service Providers 2015 - Top30 in China (TGOSP)
Top Global Service Outsourcing Destinations 2015 - Top15 in China (TGOD)
Top Global Outsourcing & Technology Parks 2015 - Top10 in China (TGOTP)
TOP 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China 2015 (MNC TOP20)
TOP 10 Celebrities of Outsourcing Industry in China 2015
TOP Service Outsourcing CIO in China 2015

The 2nd Day of Devott Global IT & Sourcing Summit (DGITS) 2016 (Closed-Door Meeting)

9:00-17:00   Closed-Door Meeting 1   Key International Outsourcing Associations Closed-Door Forum
    Closed-Door Meeting 2   International Buyers & Leading Outsourcing Enterprises Closed-Door Forum

Closed-Door Meeting 3

  Meeting Among Domestic and Overseas Parties to Discuss New Market of Outsourcing

Closed-Door Meeting 4

  Negotiation Meeting Between Buyers and Service Providers from Domestic and Abroad

Closed-Door Meeting 5

  Symposium Among Enterprises, Outsourcing Parks/Cities

Closed-Door Meeting 6

  Roadshow of Innovative & Entrepreneurial Projects and Matching Meeting of Investment & financing – Awarding Ceremony of Jinlin China 100 2015
Summit Highlights
  • The First Meeting of World's Core Organizations of Service Outsourcing in One International-Level Summit

    30 top celebrities of international service outsourcing from 8 countries of Europe, Asia, North America, South America will be invited to participant in this DGITS, among which, there are the most authoritative industrial associations & organizations that grasp the global buyer resources such as SIG (Sourcing Industry Group), NOA (National Outsourcing Association), EOA (European Outsourcing Association), there are representatives of industrial associations and government agencies from emerging market countries such as ASTRA (Russian Association of Strategic Outsourcing), NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), BRASSCOM (Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies), ALES (The Latin American Association of Services Exporters) and more, they will stand for the international buyers and providers, for the first time have meeting in one international-level summit, share the new pattern and development trend of global service outsourcing market with the participants as well as discuss the significant collaboration.

  • Collision of Thoughts from the Global View, Peak Dialogue of the International Level

    Representatives of top associations, organizations and enterprises in the field of international service outsourcing discuss the international strategy, the impact of technology, the market opportunity for emerging countries, the business opportunity, the cooperation channel, the trading relationship, etc. under the new norms of international service outsourcing with the various levels of representatives of Chinese governments, parks, enterprises, the participants will jointly discuss about the topics from different countries and different perspectives such as how to open minds for the global service outsourcing so as to establish new orders and new standards of service outsourcing under the new pattern.

  • The Most Professional, Most Objective, Most Comprehensive Estimation on Chinese Outsourcing Market

    The organizers will selectively introduce the international authoritative buyers and the world's cooperators that fit for China to participate in the summit, the various parties will express and exchange theirs views on China, investigate the Chinese outsourcing market from different countries and different perspectives, deliver the realest, the most objective, and fully effective evaluation on Chinese outsourcing.

  • The Most Influential Industrial Representatives in the Field of Science and Technology Service of China Gather Together

    The representatives from the fields of science and technology services in China involving 35+ service outsourcing cities, 50+ China's industrial associations of technology service industry, 300+ science and technology service enterprises , 30+ outsourcers, 100+ senior CIO, 20+ specialized science and technology parks, 20+ service agencies, etc. will get together in the Summit, the local outsourcing leading enterprises in China such as Pactera, ChinaSoft, Insigma as well as the MNCs in China such as IBM, Infosys, TATA, Capgemini, Landsus, NTT, Wipro will jointly share the experience in overseas market expanding, the development practice in China, the cross-border innovation and exploration as well as the technological breakthrough, etc. so as to create an industrial feast which gathers the most influential resources of local science and technology service industry in various levels in China.

  • Zero-Distance Matching Between International-Level Buyer and Service Outsourcing Providers

    30+ outsourcing buyers and service outsourcing enterprises from 8 overseas countries and the fields of Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Internet, High Technology in China will get together to exchange the selection standards of service provider, the outsourcing process and approach of project, and the project resources, etc. in zero distance, as well as to facilitate the deep communications and purchase negotiation by one-to-one negotiation, free negotiation, special negotiation, etc.

  • Direct Matching Between Enterprise-Level Service Innovation Project with the Capital

    30+ enterprise-level service innovation projects which serve the Marketing and Promotion of enterprise, the Management and Operation, the Risk Management & Control, the HR Services, the Logistics Services, the Financial Services, the Legal Services, the Information Intelligence, the Logistics Official Business will conduct onsite roadshow to show the innovative products or services as well as directly match with the capitals of investment and financing institutions.

  • Real Resources and Round-Table Meeting of Project Matching

    International Industrial Organizations/Enterprises and Chinese Governments/Parks, International Industrial Organizations /Enterprises and Chinese Enterprises/Outsourcing Service Buyers & Providers, Governments/Parks and Outsourcing Enterprises, Innovative & Entrepreneurial Projects and Investment & Financing Institutions will achieve the most direct, the most sufficient, the deepest round-table communications and discussions so as to bring the most actual benefits for the participants.

  • The Highest Level of Publicizing and Reporting on All Media

    Will conduct publicizing and reporting prior to, during and following the Summit through the trinity contains TV + Network + Periodical, whole process live Weibo + Wechat + Special Subject, make exclusive interviews and promotions worldwide by virtue of 50+ science and technology media, moreover, the summit will be broadcasted by CCTV in the golden news time, email sending to 50000+ science and technology service enterprises, whole process show via 10000+ specialized periodicals.

  • The Global First Release of The Exclusive Professional Research Achievements

    The exclusive research aim at China jointly launched by Devott and the international professional research institutions: Top Global Service Outsourcing Destinations——Top15 in China (TGOD), Top Global Outsourcing Service Providers——Top30 in China (TGOSP), Top Global Outsourcing & Technology Parks——Top10 in China (TGOTP) will be publicly released towards the global service outsourcing buyers, providers and research institutions for the first time to display the realest China and share the most accurate information.

  • The Most Flexible and the Most Suited Summit Topics

    Around the topics of international cooperation, technological transmission, innovation and entrepreneurship, cross-border integration, the Summit sets up 2 (Overseas guests) + 2 (Chinese guests) Keynote Speech show, 7+ Executive Panels, 8+ Closed-Door Meetings in different fields and a variety of Round-Table Meetings, which providing platforms for exchanging wisdom and passion for the participants.

  • The Combination of Summit & Exhibition, Talk Freely with Chinese Local Enterprises and Organizations in Zero Distance

    DGITS provides the exhibition platforms with large scale and high level, 100+ booths are "waiting for you" for the whole process. The participants will have the opportunities to have deep communications and discussions with the Chinese local governments, enterprises, organizations and institutions in zero distance.

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