About TGOD

TGOD China TOP15 is a product launched by the international outsourcing consulting companies, including Tholons, Clutch and Devott, the largest outsourcing advisory company in China. It aims to provide global outsourcing decision-makers or senior executives from international outsourcing consulting companies with actual, clear and practical reports that delivera high-level research onoutsourcing qualifications of Chinese outsourcing destinations, so that report purchaser scan have a clear picture of Chinese outsourcing destinations. The selection is specially designed for senior executives and outsourcing decision-makers in international enterprises. Supported by Devott's biggest six international outsourcing clients and the world's largest 4 outsourcing associations, TGOD is distributed, in forms of professional reports and data, through major information channels in global IT and outsourcing industries, mainly to international outsourcing associations, fortune 1000 Companies, leading IT & BPM companies, publishers (Tholons Services Globalization Newsletter, NASSCOM Newsline), multi-lateral funding agency (World Bank, United Nations Development Program, Inter-American Development Bank etc.), international consultancies, global outsourcing consulting companies, like Accenture, KPMG, Everest and Forrester.

This project adopts world-class methods, analysis and processes, with terms, language accuracy, data that are in accordance to international standards. Besides, its data structure, analytic methodology, quantitative evaluations go beyond international standards by making break throughs in expansibility, complexity and compatibility, making it possible that Chinese cities and enterprises can receive the same assessment as their international counterparts have, via this multi-dimensional system.

"Devott-Tholons Global Service Outsourcing Destination Methodology System" is a city assessment system of international service outsourcing standards and is fine-tuned for Chinese cities. It takes a wide range of aspects into consideration while researching and assessing, including delivery capabilities, cost, business infrastructures, risk and strategic value.

A huge information gap stands between Chinese service outsourcing and foreign counterparts and impedes China from communicating and cooperating with MNCs and hinders Chinese cities from getting internationalized and going global. Devott collaborates with Tholons and Clutch, based on reliable data of Devott's accumulation and home advantage in China, to forge a universal assessment system that will inspire service outsourcing in and out of China.

The report brings out into open on international, Chinese and urban levels, from global overall trend down to Chinese service outsourcing and to lateral comparison in Chinese cities. Elaborated in concise words, it shows a real picture of Chinese service outsourcing destinations and objectively describes city strengths according to various purposes. They have sound logic and are collectively exhaustive rankings demonstrating what potentials and diversities those destinations possess. All make the report an international report of China DNA and go beyond China.