The Values of the Report come from Actual Data of Chinese Destinations, Professional Analysis from International Teams,All-inclusive Rankings:

Undeniable Data with Rigorous Procession Unveils Everything
A World-Class Analysis, Of Chinese Cities, Not for Chinese Cities
Mutually Exclusive & Collectively Exhaustive Rankings

I. Actual Data: Garnered from statistical databases of local administrative authorities, open official websites or professional research institutions, all data are reduced and verified by proficient data procession teams. A Chinese team of experts and a foreign one rigorously verified all 137 indexes of every one of the 36 cities to avoid tendentious exaggeration. The report presents real indexes and true strengths and characteristics of a city, along with abundant data of value encompassing economic and political conditions, human resource reserve, language proficiency, supportive business environment and strategic developing value.

II. Professional Analysis: The result is derived from professional interpretation and deep analysis by international service outsourcing research institutes, based purely on data with zero propaganda from Chinese government and none regional prejudice. To ensure justice and equity, all data are rigorously verified by a Chinese expert panel and a foreign one to avoid tendentious exaggeration. The "Devott-Tholons Global Service Outsourcing Destination Methodology System" (D-TM System) adopts an expert and rigorous assessing procedure, "Median Anchor", multi-dimensional indexes to evaluate delivery capabilities, cost, business infrastructures, risk, strategic value and other factors of one destination.It deliberates Chinese governmental and policy influence, gives priority to what international clients care about, like verification, risk and intellectual property protection.Its choice of indexes and their weight are all world-class. In terms of assessing procedure, D-TM takes on laborious and systematic processes, uses Delphi Method to improve the whole assessing system and methods. Besides, Chinese and foreign experts instruct to build many other scientific processes: an open participation; rigorous and meticulous investigation and assessment, crackerjack promotion. The report is crystal clear without any obscure words or sentences, giving true colors of what's happening and why it happens, in addition to case sharing. The international research team, with a global vision, starting from demands in global service outsourcing development, illustrates what Chinese service outsourcing destinations really are. People in charge of this project all have over a decade of consulting experience in international service outsourcing industries, serving more than 70 enterprises worldwide, 11 of which yield an annual offshore volume of 20 million USD.

III. All-inclusive Rankings: Final results are presented to the world in 20 rankings to show the whole picture of Chinese cities, including: urban comprehensive strength, urban offshore businesses, urban onshore businesses; cities of best service quality, lowest cost and optimized delivered value; cities for long term business service outsourcing partnership; cities for M&A; cities for site selection; delivery capabilities service outsourcing cities; comprehensive cost of service outsourcing cities; supportive business environment of service outsourcing cities; risks and security of service outsourcing cities, strategic value of service outsourcing cities; service outsourcing cities with BPO service mainly delivered in English, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Cantonese, Mandarin and other Southeastern Asian languages, etc. Every rank is calculated in accordance with the aim of the selection, and is based on those 137 indexes and scientific & comprehensive assessing methods. Each rank is attached with a detailed list of analysis and data as evidence of cities' enlisting and strengths, to enlighten the purchasers.