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About Devott

Devott is a global leader in research and advisory of China's outsourcing and technology markets. Since its inception in 2006, Devott has devoted all its research capabilities and advisory capacities to China's outsourcing and pertinent technologies with clear missions: assist China Sourcing to become a true global player; promote the industry so international and domestic sourcing buyers can maximize their values and potentials. Devott is not only the foremost consulting firm in the business but also owns a corporate event platform where the decision-makers in the industry from government organizations, hi-tech park authorities and private corporations can equally share, discuss and make decisions of the vertical policies, program regulations to project incentives. Unlike most international markets,outsourcing in China is a combination of the three types of managing bodies aforementioned. The unique value of Devott is its business platform builds an effective and risk-free connection between global sourcing buyers and the three stakeholders simultaneously and seamlessly, which leads to simpler procurement procedures, lower contract costs and higher return on investment.

About Tholons

Tholons Inc. Group has global operations in consulting, investment and research, focusing on globalization of IT, BPO and KPO. The firm has service 2000 clients worldwide, including enterprises, government agencies, bilateral and multi-lateral investors, to better utilize global service outsourcing resources. Tholons is famous for, by virtue of its abundant industry-leading tool and framework reserves, its rich reserve of business knowledge, offering it clients timely and insightful information consulting. Tholons's destination assessment report and feasibility suggestion report are both patented and have yielded over 200 offshore contracts total worth of $10 billion.

About Clutch

Clutch is a Washington-based American research firm of the technology industry. Its founder has over ten years of experience serving and consulting Fortune 500 companies. The core business of Clutch is to provide technological decision makers in American companies with customized research, introduction and recommendation that fit them most. The company has now reviewed 500+ companies covering 50+ markets. Before its rebranding, Clutch was called Sourcing Line, which was one the first technology research companies focusing on global service outsourcing rankings. In 2012, it grew into Clutch and kept on with latest trend of scientific and technological development as well as American enterprise procurements.