Chinasourcing 每 Top 50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2008

White Paper

Dear friends and colleagues of service outsourcing industry:

Following the release of the first Chinasourcing 每 Top 50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2007 list on March 8, 2008, the Chinasourcing 每 Top 50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2008 result has also come out. The final list would be published in the main body of this report 每 "Unveil Top 50", together with relevant information on the evaluation process.

Looking back to 2008, although the turbulence of the global financial market caused by the subprime crisis in the United States has resulted huge pressure on the global service outsourcing market, as an important measure for enterprises to reduce operation costs and improve the working efficiency, outsourcing has become a critical weapon for the enterprises to defeat the economic recession. Therefore, as a "counter-cyclical" industry, the current economic adjustment would instead bring greater outsourcing demands.

Seeing from the nature, Services Outsourcing is a multi-national production organizing mode that the enterprise takes the value chain management as a base, outsource or sub-contract its non-core business to other service providers through the contract, so as to improve the production factors and resource allocation efficiency. As an irreversible trend of today's new round of global industrial revolution, the global service outsourcing market still owns a bright development future in the long term. Similar to the global manufacturing industry's transfer from Europe to USA, from USA to Japan and Korea, then to Taiwan China and Southeast Asia, and then to China mainland since 90's of Twentieth Century, in virtual of the popularization of internet and telecom technology, the service industry is experiencing the same changes as manufacturing: transferring from high production cost area to low-cost regions, a large amount of white-collar jobs are also transferring, and "Service Outsourcing" has become the keyword of the globalization wave. Global service outsourcing is transferring to India, China, Philippines and other developing countries in irresistible steps.

At present, China still stays in the infancy period in accepting outsourcing business from multinational companies, only accounts for about 5% of global market share. But with a great development potential, China is increasingly becoming the outsourcing destination for multinational corporations. Although in 2008, China's service outsourcing industry also suffered impact from the global financial crisis, as an important way for China's economic transferring from manufacturing to service industry, it got strong support from the government. Following the release of "Notice of the Thousand, Hundred and Ten Project on Promoting the Development of China's Service Outsourcing Industry " by the Ministry of Commerce in September 2006, in February 2009, ※Response from the General Office of the State Council on the Promotion of Service Outsourcing Industry", further elevate the industry development to the national level, clearly stated "take the promotion of service outsourcing industry development as an important measure to boost structure adjustment, change the way of foreign trade development as well as increase employment opportunities for college graduates".

Enterprises scale, amount and capacity are the key indicators to measure a nation's industry development. Through this year's evaluation, we are pleased to see that compared with 2007, China*s service outsourcing enterprises have got remarkable improvements in scale, capability and overall amount which would certainly bring the advance of China's position in the global outsourcing industry, so as to promote the further growth of the whole industry. We hope that in the new round of service outsourcing wave, China's service outsourcing enterprises troops presented by the Top 50 can grasp the opportunity of the global industrial transfer, stand the test, and realize a great-leap-forward development on China's service outsourcing industry. In 2009, let*s pay more attention to China's service outsourcing industry, to Top50...


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